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Q: How do you convince a teacher that providing the child with reasonable accommodations is not giving the student an advantage, but merely leveling the playing field? A: This question is one of my favorites to answer. If I were to run across a teacher—general education or otherwise—who believed that providing a child with an IEP (Individualized Education Program) or Section 504 Plan (designed to eliminate discrimination on the basis of disability in any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance) is an advantage, I would ask that teacher the following question: “Do you think that a child wearing glasses or hearing aids; having cochlear implants, a cane, wheelchair or walker; or being assisted by[...]

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Dear Elizabeth, When I was a kid, I was always the last one to get picked up from everything. My parents were always running late, and I swore that I’d do a better job when I was on my own. So…maybe it’s genetics? I’m late a lot, and it really bugs me. What can I do? Late-a-lot _______________________________________________________________________ Dear Late-a-lot, Everyone is late sometimes, and it’s understandable when something unavoidable rears its ugly head to delay us.  Chronic lateness, as your story points out, isn’t just a problem for the tardy party, but also for those left waiting. You could just move someplace like Spain, where start and end times are hardly more than suggestions.[...]