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Why? We end up living according to these self-imposed limitations and never realize our full potential.  Living the Label: Learning Disabilities We all have things about ourselves that we don’t like. The problem comes when we give those things all of our attention and allow them to create our self-definition. Defining ourselves by our learning disabilities rather than our strengths gives the shortcomings all the power. If, for instance, we have trouble motivating ourselves to do school or other work, and label ourselves “lazy” as a result, we are most likely going to approach life as a “lazy” person would.  As a “lazy” person, we likely won’t put forth the necessary effort to accomplish what[...]

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With school, work, family, and an active social life, it’s easy to be moving so quickly we don’t know where we’re going.  Effective time management is all about slowing down and getting organized upfront, so we can then work more efficiently and with a sense of purpose. As recommended in Book 1: Building a Foundation, try making a list of all the obligations on your plate. Also note how long you expect it to take; be realistic and include travel time in your estimate. Next, rank each item as: Immediate — anything with an upcoming deadline Essential – an ongoing activity or flexible deadline Optional – leisure activities You’ve just prioritized your to-do list! Starting[...]