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Created in 2009 by Best Effect founder, communications trainer, and life coach Elizabeth Kemler, ThinkBuildLive Success is a dynamic, three-part life and career skills program that will empower you to dramatically improve the quality of your life. Created with real-life challenges in mind, TBLS offers workable strategies and relevant, immediately applicable tools and resources to help you make the most of your innate abilities—allowing you to enjoy success in all areas of your life.

The program was created around the belief that everyone can realize greater personal and professional success when they learn how to exercise their power of choice. Doing so may mean overcoming years of self-defeating habits, difficult life circumstances and other hindrances—and TBLS can help. Beyond learning how to perform better academically and/or at work, create effective routines, and find a good job, participants have successfully applied the tools to often overlooked, yet critical blocks to success, such as self-doubt and a lack of familial support.

TBLS is available both online and in book form, and offers complementary materials including an instructors guide, nationwide and city specific resource guides, as well as extensive online resources and support through it’s website ( and blog (

Below is a detailed description, with video introductions for each of the three books in the series.

Book One: Building a Foundation

Book One: Building a Foundation provides students with a strong base of concepts and skills on which to build. First, it helps them recognize that they innately have the qualities it takes to succeed. Then it provides educational, practical and personal resources, suggestions for organization, time-management and budgeting, and tools to assess and better utilize their particular talents, skills and learning styles. These tools, combined with tips for staying healthy, managing stress and envisioning a brighter future, all help to build a solid foundation for life.

Book Two: Becoming Self-Empowered

Book Two: Becoming Self-Empowered helps students recognize and take responsibility for the power of choice they have in all aspects of their lives. The book takes readers through a process of self-discovery and skill development, helping them to identify thought patterns, styles of communication, and modes of behavior influencing their lives, and to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. This awareness leads to constructive choices and positive changes—supported by techniques for self-motivation, assertive communication, and establishing goals that are both ambitious and achievable.

Book Three: Joining the Workforce

Book Three: Joining the Workforce helps students find the job that’s right for them. Techniques for conducting a targeted and organized job search are included, as well as tips for writing resumes and cover letters that highlight strengths and skills relevant to the job. Students practice effectively communicating their experience and talents in an interview, fielding tough questions, and coming across as a consummate professional. Also covered in depth are ways of maximizing their workplace potential and achieving continuing success on the job.

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